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Welcome to Spring Semester 2013

Fernando IX University
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Important Announcements

August 26: EOPS Book Gift Cards and Bus Passes
From today
until September 5, the EOPS Office in building 100 will have book gift cards
available for students that are enrolled in 12 or more units and bus passes
which are available to all EOPS students.

Student News

Counseling Center Office Hours to Change Beginning October

Starting on October 4th, the Counseling Center Office Hours will
change to the following:

  • Monday, Thursday and Friday - 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
  • Tuesday and Wednesday - 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Admissions and Records Office Hours to Change Beginning October

Starting on October 4th, the Admissions and Records Office Hours
will change to the following:

  • Monday, Thursday and Friday - 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM
  • Tuesday and Wednesday - 7:30 AM to 7:00 PM

March 23: IVC Applied Sciences Expo Coming April

Imperial Valley College will be having its annual Applied
Sciences Expo on Thursday, April 22nd from 10 AM to 1 PM. For more information,
please view the 2010

March 18: Counseling Building 100 to Close at 5 PM
Due to
the Counselor's Outreach activity, the Counseling Building 100 will be
closing at 5:00 PM
on the following dates: March 23rd, 24th,
30th, 31st and April 1st

February 9: Past Fees will be Due Prior to Registering for Next

Beginning with the Spring 2010 semester, students owing any
fees will not be allowed to register for the next term until all fees are paid
in full.

March 8-12: SDSU-IV ARTFEST 2010
San Diego State
University Imperial Valley Campus would like to invite Imperial Valley College
students to attend ARTFEST 2010 going on next week from March 8th-12th. For more
information, including scheduled events, please view the ARTFEST
2010 Flyer

WebSTAR Registrations to be Suspended During Winter

Students please note that all registration activity, (e.g.
adding or dropping classes), will be unavailable starting December 17th, 2009 at
5 PM and will not be reopened until January 4, 2010 at 9 AM due to the Winter
Break. We hope that everyone has a safe and happy holidays and look forward to
assisting anybody with any problems after the break.

December 15-18th College Hours
The college will only be
open during this week from 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM so please make sure to drop by the
college within those hours if you need any assistance from one of our staff

November 16: "The 800 Mile Wall" Movie Screening

A screening for the movie "The 800 Mile Wall" will be
occurring tonight at 6:30 PM in Room 2131. The film takes a look at "...a failed
U.S. border enforcement strategy that many believe has caused the death of
thousands of migrants and violates fundamental human rights." (View

November 12: Town Hall Meeting Set
Dr. Gould will be
holding a Student Town Hall meeting next Thursday, November 12th at 2:00 p.m. in
the College Center. We are encouraging our faculty to invite their students to
attend if possible. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact
Student Affairs Office at (760) 355-6455 or the ASG President at (760)

September 2: Agriculture Club Meeting This Thursday
Patrick Pauley, IVC Director of Agriculture, would like to announce the first
Agriculture Club meeting of the ’08-’09 school year which will take place this
Thursday, September 4, at 5:30 pm in Room 1308. They will be electing officers,
discussing this year’s "Pumpkin Patch", the Mid-Winter Fair, Greenhand
Conference, IVC Ag Field Day and more. All are welcome regardless of major!

Campus News

October 16: 3rd Annual Faculty and Staff vs. Students Softball

The game will start at 10 AM and will be located at the Women's
Softball Field. Faculty and staff will be charged $5, and there will be no
charge for students.

September 2: 2009 Career Fair/College & University Day is Coming
October 5

The 2009 Career Fair/College & University Day is
designed to assist employers in attracting qualified applicants, assist students
in discovering a challenging career, and promoting the linkage between
educational preparation and employment opportunities (View Flyer
and Registration

September 2: 2009-10 Volleyball Schedule and Roster

On September 4 the IVC women's volleyball team will be
having their first home game against College of the Desert at 5 pm in the
DePaoli Sports Complex. (2009
Women's Volleyball Schedule
and Roster).

August 31: El Valley Imperial Aqui Art Gallery opens September

IVC faculty, staff, alumni and a current student have artworks
included in the upcoming juried exhibit El Valle Imperial Aqui at the Galeria de la Ciudad in Mexicali, Mexico.

The opening reception is at 8 p.m. Friday, September 4. The
show runs through Oct. 9.

Faculty/staff include: Jorge Estrada, David Zielinski,
Armando Javier Mendez Duran, Bernardo Olmedo, Tom Gilbertson, Sergio Camacho
Gaytan, and myself, Carol Hegarty.
Alumni include: Raymundo
Lopez Lopez, Eddie Shiffer, Kyle Herrera, Minerva Torres Guzman, Alfredo Guzman,
Elizabeth M. Lopez, Joshua Novinger, Israel Carrillo Madrid, Irene Sanchez, and
Alfonso Higareda.
Current student(s): Mayra F. Garcia.

and Directions,
courtesy of Bernardo Olmedo

July 1: Budget Update
Budget update regarding last
night's late session in Sacramento (Read
entire article

June 18: IVC Budget Cuts and Fact Sheet
The Imperial
Valley College Board of Trustees adopted a balanced budget last night for fiscal
year 2009-10. You can learn more about the budget that was decided upon by
reading the Budget
Reduction Fact Sheet
and the Budget
Reduction Press Release

April 27: Imperial Valley Featured in Los Angeles Times

The Imperial Valley was featured in an article in Monday's
Los Angeles Times (Read entire article).

April 26: Imperial Valley Featured in San Diego Union Tribune

The Imperial Valley was featured in an article in Sunday's
San Diego Union Tribute (Read entire article).

March 3: Imperial Valley College Mentioned in NY Times Article about
the Recession

Featuring current information about the high
unemployment rate in the Imperial Valley and how Imperial Valley College will
provide a key role in preparing the workforce of the next generation for
Imperial County (Read
entire article

January 20: 2009 Presidential Inauguration
Barack Obama
is now officially President of the United States of America. The ASG held a very
successful Inauguration Day Breakfast that had many students attend. If you
missed the Inauguration Speech and would like to see or read it, please click on
the following link: President
Barack Obama's Inaugural Address

November 11: Focus on IVC Newsletter, Issue 4 (Read

June 30: Stakes High to Pass Mid-Year State Budget

Three bills failed to pass last night that would have
cut $5 billion of the state's current $24 billion budget deficit. The decisions
must be made by midnight tonight so another update will be issued when the
results come in (Read
entire article

June 25: State to issue IOUs if budget changes are not made by next

The State Senate and Assembly both failed to pass the revisions
to the 2009-10 budget bill yesterday, but there seems to be a consensus that a
decision must be made by next week. Payments to community colleges are planned
to continued under Proposition 98 provisions, though students expecting Cal
Grants will most likely not be receiving checks (Read
entire article

March 26: Increased Fear Amid Crumbling Budget

Many community college leaders are meeting now to discuss
their 2009-10 budgets and wondering how it can be done with so many
uncertainties present (Read
entire article

March 16: Student Rally in Sacramento Today
Thousands of
students, faculty and supporters from California's colleges and universities are
expected to descend on Sacramento today to remind Californians of the importance
of maintaining the state's investment in higher education (Read
entire article

February 25: Send a "Thank You" Letter to Governor

Typically, lawmakers and legislative staff receive
hundreds of contacts leading up to a major decision, and then nobody sticks
around to say "thanks" after it has been made. While there is a lot in this
budget to dislike, the fact is that community colleges were treated
extraordinarily well given the budgetary circumstances (Read
entire article

February 19: Legislature Approves 18-month Budget

This morning the State Legislature approved major revisions to
the current year (2008-09) state budget, and approved a spending plan four
months early for the 2009-10 fiscal year. One important item in the approved
budget was the removal of an additional $120 million proposed cut (Read
entire article

February 12: Budget, Stimulus Details Reached
The state
budget deal agreed to in Sacramento will be cutting Proposition 98 spending for
K-12 and community colleges by $5.6 billion for the current fiscal year
(2008-09) and by $3 billion for the next fiscal year (2009-10). Legislative
leaders are counting on roughly $3 billion in state fiscal stabilization funds
included in the federal stimulus to backfill the state-level cuts. More details
on the specific cuts will be available soon (Read
entire article

January 27: Latest Budget Update
With the state's
incoming cash expected to be insufficient to meet expenditure needs soon
(leading to IOUs), a budget deal is widely expected in the next two weeks (Read
entire article

January 5: More on the Governor's Budget Proposal
for community colleges will essentially remain constant in 2008-09 and 2009-10,
with allowances for 2% and 3% enrollment growth, respectively. The previous 20%
cuts to categorical programs are not part of the current new budget proposals
offered by the governor, though the governor has proposed the elimination of the
$39.8 million provided for a 0.68% cost of living adjustment (Read
entire article

December 17: Vote on Republican State Budget Plan Expected

Last night the Assembly voted on the Democrat plan that
offered an 18-month package of $19 billion in cuts and revenue increases which
failed on party lines. Today the Assembly will reconvene at noon to vote on the
Republican plan. The State Senate is also expected to vote on a separate
compromise package at 5:00 pm (Read
entire article

December 16: Republican Budget Relies on Cuts
community colleges this would mean a $1 billion cut. This would be an 18-month
reduction that would cause deep cuts to students services programs and cause
hundreds of thousands of students to be turned away (Read
entire article
, Update).

December 10: Senate Budget Subcommittee on Education to Meet

At 1:30 pm today the subcommittee will be meeting to review
proposed cuts to K-12, community colleges, UC and CSU (Read
entire article

December 8: Special Legislature Session Today
With the
California unemployment rate at 8.2% as of October, and already $292 million in
cuts to community colleges, public officials and newspapers are stepping up to
say that we need to look at community colleges as part of the solution rather
than the problem. Community colleges are the most affordable higher education
and training solution for both the state and families, and our unmatched network
can quickly deliver the tools for economic recovery across the state (Read
entire article

December 1: New State Legislature to be sworn in, Special Session

Items to be discussed are the governor’s budget proposal,
which includes $332.2 million in cuts to community colleges and the Legislative
Analyst’s Office proposed current-year community college cuts of $100 million
entire article

November 11: Fees to be increased to $30/unit; enrichment class to be

The Legislative Analyst’s Office has proposed to increase class
fees to $26 per unit on January 1, 2009 and to $30 per unit on July 1, 2009. In
addition there would be funding cuts to enrichment courses such as pilates,
racquetball, golf, ballroom dancing, drawing and photography. Overall, community
college funding would be cut by $200 million in 2009-10 (Read
entire article

November 6: $322 Million Cut Proposed for Community

A special session for the state legislature was called
today where the governor proposed $4.7 billion in new taxes and $4.5 billion in
budget cuts. The $322 million cut for community colleges would include $39.8
million to the cost-of-living adjustment and a five percent cut to each
district’s general apportionment, totaling $292.4 million (Read
entire article

October 10: Mid-year cuts to the budget likely
quarter revenues fell 5.4% below projections and it is now believed that the
recently approved state budget is out of balance by over $5 billion. Even though
the state cannot afford to cut funds and deny 300,000 students from attending
community colleges, K-12 business officers were told to "prepare for the worst"
which applies to community colleges as well (Read
entire article

October 8: Focus on IVC Newsletter, Issue 3 (Read

September 23: State Budget Signed in private by

Nearly 3 months into the 2008-09 fiscal year Governor
Schwarzenegger signed the State Budget into law in private stating that "this
budget is nothing to be proud of." Looking ahead to the 2009-10 fiscal year we
must remember that the state is still amidst a severe financial crisis and many
legislators believe that the current budget is "pushing the problems into next
year." For now, the State Controller has said that payments will be expedited to
the colleges within a week (Read
entire article

September 16: Focus on IVC Newsletter, Issue 2 (Read

September 16: Focus on IVC Newsletter, Issue 1 (Read

August 28: Math 119 - Elementary Statistics Approved for CSU
GE-Breadth and IGETC

Carol Lee, Articulation Officer at IVC, is
happy to announce that the college has just received official notice that our
Elementary Statistics Math 119 course has been approved for the CSU GE-Breadth
(Area B4) and IGETC (Area 2/Mathematics) effective for Fall 2008. This notice is
the culmination of months of working together with the CSU and UC System Offices
to approve the IVC course for general education.

August 18: Collaboration Between Schools and Industry Crucial to
Overall Student Success

Gonzalo Huerta, Dean of Instruction for
Applied Sciences at IVC, talks about the Career Technical Education Initiative
and how he looks forward to enhanced collaboration between Valley elementary,
middle, and high schools can work together to prepare students for college and
the workforce (Read entire

September 19: State Budget Signing Close
The State Senate
and Assembly have approved the final pieces of the 2008-09 state budget in order
to prevent a veto from Governor Schwarzenegger. After the Governor signs the
budget the State Controller has said that he will expedite payments to schools
within a week (Read
entire article

September 17: Governor Schwarzenegger to Veto

Yesterday the state legislature approved a new state budget,
but the Governor has just announced that he will be vetoing the new spending
plan. If the Legislature were to override his veto he would respond by vetoing
the nearly 1,000 bills that were passed at the end of session that are currently
awaiting his signature (Read
entire article
, Update).

September 16: State Legislature Approves Budget, Sent to Governor for

Both houses approved the state budget yesterday and has now
been sent to the Governor for approval. The specifics of the budget are good for
California’s community colleges considering the state’s fiscal condition (Read
entire article

September 11: Budget Update
Talk is stirring that the
State Senate will pass the state budget tomorrow. For community colleges the
positive features of the budget would be: 2 percent enrollment growth funding,
no cuts to student support programs, and maintained funding for the Cal Grant
program (Read
entire article

California Legislature Still Debating on State Budget
definitive action has taken place on choosing this year’s state budget, though
legislators are increasingly aware that the budget impasse has reached the point
of creating real hardship for California public agencies, including community
colleges (Read
entire article

September 3: As Republican Plan Emerges, Budget Remains

Governor Schwarzenegger kindly requests that the Legislature
vote on and approve the compromise budget he proposed two weeks ago, as the
state goes into previously unknown territory with a budget that is already 80
days overdue (Read
entire article

August 29: Senate Votes Down Budget Proposal
Republicans in the Senate have voted down the budget proposal with 24 against
the new budget and 15 in favor (Read
entire article

August 29: Senate Budget Vote Today at 10 a.m.
Don Perata
has just announced that the Senate will vote on the budget today at 10 a.m. on a
modified version of the Governor’s August Budget Proposal (Read
entire article

August 28: As Another Payment is Delayed, Legislative Deadline

Yesterday, the State Controller deferred another payment that
should be made to community colleges due to the state budget impasse. This week
the governor insisted that he would hold out as long as it takes, even if that
means he has to "wait until November or even December without a budget." While
such a delay is highly unlikely, it is possible that the standoff could continue
another three to six weeks, meaning community colleges would miss another state
payment (Read
entire article

August 22: Budget Stalemate Continues
Despite last
weekend’s flurry of activity that looked like a budget deal might be close at
hand, key deadlines approach in the next few days with legislative leaders far
apart. Inside the Capitol, key staff believe something will happen in the next
couple of days or, instead, in several weeks, which is now seen as more likely
entire article

July 31: KUDOS to Carol Lee, Director of the IVC Transfer

Learn how Carol Lee helped Rosa Ramirez, the current Finance
Manager for Holtville, pursue her higher education. If you’d like to read this
IVC Success Story, please click

July 28: IVNewsday Talks with IVC about Upcoming Fall 2008 Activities
for Students

ASG President Chantilee Mendenhall and Student Affairs
Associate Dean Sergio Lopez talk with IVNewsday about Fall 2008 Activities. If
you would like to watch the video please click here.

July 21: Justina Aguirre named Associate Dean of Nursing and Allied

Justina Aguirre, a veteran hospital administrator and a
former student of the IVC Nursing Program, has been named Associate Dean of
Nursing and Allied Health at IVC (Read
Entire Article

July 14: Student Foreign Exchange Program Coming in

History professor Eric Jacobson has completed agreements with
three learning institutions - Kaifeng University in Beijing, China and the
Kuftaro Foundation and Islamic Studies Center, both in Damascus, Syria - to
partner with IVC in a foreign exchange program. In April 2008 the IVC Board of
Trustees approved a student exchange policy and named Jacobson as the program
facilitator. Jacobson expects the program to be ready in 2009, and in the
meantime he is looking to add additional schools in Mexico and other countries.
If you are interested in participating in the program, please call Jacobson at 760-355-6284 (Read
Entire Article

May 6: Frank Fernandez at the State Capitol
Fernandez, current President for the State Student Senate and former IVC ASG
President, was in attendance today at the capitol when Governor Schwarzenegger
made his announcement about the endowment from the Bernard Osher Foundation. Click
to view image.

May 6: $70 Million For California Community College

Governor Schwarzenegger applauded the $70 million dollar
gift to the California Community Colleges Scholarship Endowment from the Bernard
Osher Foundation (Read
Entire Article

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